About Terra

Terra PhoenixMy path to becoming a sacred intimate has been a winding one. Even so, sexuality and the erotic has always been a core theme. Raised in an alternative spiritual tradition, I have spent most of my life immersed in spiritual practice, and was encouraged in my young adulthood to study sacred sexuality.

In college, my interest in spiritual practice and psychotherapy lead me to a Master’s degree in archetypal psychology, with a focus on using dreamwork, active imagination, and art therapy as tools for personal growth. My interest in social systems, however, lead to a career in social work and social justice advocacy instead of working with individual clients.

My experience in psychology in social work, while deeply exploring the inner and outer world, always lacked a holistic connection between the body and consciousness. With an interest in somatics, I became a bodyworker, studying clinical massage and other bodywork modalities. Even still, a stigma in these fields about addressing the erotic encouraged me to further open myself.

For nearly the past five years I have been studying Kashmiri Tantra and receiving ongoing mentorship from other sacred intimates, including being in the first cohort of the Sacred Intimacy Through a Tantric Lens course. Like all SI’s, I integrate my entire experience into my work with others, creating my own unique practice to assist others in finding healing and transformation through pleasure and eros.

More than all of this, I also know the power of this work! I have had my own healing journey, working with sacred intimates, and the relationshp to my own eros has deeply transformed. I know intimately the wounding that people, and this society, can do…and the vast potential that this work can give!

I have extensive professional training in various bodywork modalities in addition to my education as an art therapist and social worker. Beyond that, I have been blessed to take trainings in many sexuality offerings:

  • 2011-2012, Sacred Intimacy through a Tantric Lens training program with Jay Craver, Mark Fleming, Alex Jade and Lizz Randall
  • 2013, Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program with Barbara Carrellas
  • 2013, Bondassage® and Elysium® Practitioner training with Madame Pele