Throughout my life there have been many people whom I shared my journey with, many who do similar work to me in this world, who have been mentors, peers and loved ones. Here are a list of people, organizations and their websites whom I cannot recommend highly enough:

Elemental Sexology Dr. Snowdon is a sex education superstar, teaching workshops and leading groups in both Canada and America. He is one of the primary instructors in Sexological Bodywork, and he also works one-on-one with clients.
Jay Craver Primarily working with men, Jay Craver is a very powerful sacred intimate with decades of work in the community. One of my mentors, I cannot recommend Jay more highly!
Kristian I have had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of Kristian’s powerful and healing presence. If you are traveling to New York, I would highly urge you to schedule time with Kristian at his very beautiful studio in the mountains.
naming desire Will is a Sexological Bodyworker out of Seattle, Washington. Working mostly with women who are unable to access their desire, Will has a strong but compassionate presence.
Sacred Eros A valuable resource for everyone — practitioner and client — involved in the work of exploring their sensual and erotic selves. Many people on this list, myself included, have joined the Sacred Eros directory.
Slixa Escort Directory A slick and easy-to-use directory of US and International providers. They are very supportive of providers like me, and I look forward to seeing them grow.

In addition, here are some links that speak to me about my own sacred sexual practices, both personal and in play with others:

Healing Sex — Six Easy Pieces Staci Haines speaks in great detail about the importance of embodiment and touch for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. I recommend her book Healing Sex to many of my clients.

Please check back as this list of acknowledgements, wisdom and sacred love grows larger and larger.

If you also contribute to positive and sacred sexuality, feel free to contact me to exchange links and resources. Together we make change in the world!